Senior Spotlight

Celebrating our graduating senior class of 2023 as they perform in Romancing the Dance June 3 and 4, Owens Auditorium, BPAC, SCC


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Gary Taylor Dance is proud and pleased to congratulate our graduating seniors. We know their talents, determination, and dedication will carry them far.

Read on to enjoy their answers the question…



It brings me joy and my friends at Gary Taylor Dance have become family!


I love it. I love the musicality of it; moving deliberately with rhythm and dynamic. I love the physicality of it; constantly training and working to achieve that next level of ability, whether that’s in lifts, jumps, turns, or something else. I love the camaraderie of it; both commiserating about long rehearsals, injuries, or exhaustion and celebrating successful shows, new skills, or funny moments. I love the self-expression of it; putting feelings and emotions to music is expressive like no other activity. And finally, I love the legacy of it; I am now dancing with and mentoring the children of one of my former mentors, this year I am performing choreography very similar to what another one of my role models did when I first met him, I still aspire to roles held by my mentors, even some of the costumes I wear have been passed down from teachers to students. Dance to me is a never ending chain of legacy that I am honored to get to be a part of. I dance because all of that and more makes me love it.


It brings me both joy and comfort.


I love it and it’s become part of who I am.


I dance because it allows me to have a creative outlet to explore who I am and who I want to be. 


I enjoy it and it gives me an opportunity to express myself and how I am feeling. It allows me to be able to step back and be myself.