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In times present and past I’ve been a Dad, Husband, Composer, Bass Player, Avid Reader, Piano Player, Musical Theatre Director, Bike Rider, UMass College Student, Recorder Player, Percussionist, Church Musician, played the roles of Poet, Guitar Player, Mountain Climber, Honorary Polish Citizen, Firestarter, Christian, Choral Director, and Schoolteacher.
David Lussier brings over 30 years of musical theatre experience to Taylor Dance. He has worked with all ages from children to adults in schools, community, and professional theatreorganizations. A native of New England, he moved to North Carolina to be one of the music teachers at the O’Neal School in Southern Pines. A graduate of UMass Amherst with a masters in music. In the short time he has been here in NC he has worked with Michael Pizzi and Touching Humanity, played bass in the pit at North Moore HS, helped get musical theatre back at O’Neal. David and his wife Heather started ABoyAndATreePublications where they wrote, directed and produced their own musicals for children. Their shows are currently a part of the 5th grade curriculum at the O’Neal. David also serves as the music leader at JFK Chapel on Fort Bragg.