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From the Executive Director, Rita Taylor…

At Gary Taylor Dance, we believe that a caring and nurturing environment is essential for each of our dancers in order to experience the joy of dance.  We see our dancers as unique and talented individuals.  It is our job to help grow their talents and abilities all while having fun, making friends and becoming a poised and confident young adult. Dance not only gives young people self confidence, it also fosters leadership, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and a life-long love of the Arts. Dancers at Gary Taylor Dance, whether they seek to dance for enjoyment or possibly a career in the performing arts, have all found that dance has provided them with more than just dance technique. The unmistakable confidence and self-esteem they gained in dance class sets them on the road to success in every area of their lives.

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Studio Dance
Ensemble Dance – Age 7 and up
Performing Membership


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