Performing Member Auditions


RETURN SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 2024, By Level

(Or on an Individual Basis Year-Round)

Be prepared for a ballet class. Upper levels should also be prepared for pointe/contemporary/tap/jazz.  Audition times are listed according to current level.  If this is your first time auditioning with Gary Taylor Dance, please contact GTD directly for appropriate audition time. 910-420-1025,

A panel of dance experts, including the Director(s) of Gary Taylor Dance, will adjudicate the auditions.  It is important to understand the adjudication process is subjective. The auditions will begin as close to the designated time as possible.  The adjudication process begins as soon as the dancer walks onto the dance floor.  No parents, guardians, or caretakers will be allowed in the audition studio.

Adjudicators will observe the dancer as each performs a variety of movements. Results of the audition, which is the placement level beginning this summer, will be distributed in a timely manner.

Performing Member Annual Fee and Registration due at time of audition.

SCHEDULESunday, March 5, GTD Studios
Level 41:00-1:30pm
Level 31:30-2:15pm
Level 22:30-4:30pm
Level 12:30-4:30pm
SUBJECT TO UPDATE If this is your first time auditioning with Gary Taylor Dance, please contact us for level recommendation

(No Jewelry)
Leotard:  Black
Tights:  Pink
Ballet Shoes:  Pink
Pointe Shoes:  Pink if applicable
Tap Shoes:  Black lace up (L1/2 Only)
Contemporary:  N/A
Hair:  In bun (no bangs or loose hair)
(No Jewelry)
Shirt:  White or black t-shirt
Tights:  Black
Ballet Shoes:  White or black
Tap Shoes:  Black lace up (L1 only)
Contemporary:  N/A
Socks:  White or black
Hair:  in place, pulled back if long
Dance Belt
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